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guppy microwave heating pad



​FishBellies are hot-or-cold healing

packs filled with extra-clean, non-popping, large-kernel corn. To ensure your safety and help your FishBellie last for years to come, please follow our instructions carefully!


For cold therapy, simply place your FishBellie in the freezer for 1-2 hours. When freezing your FishBellies, place them in a plastic bag to protect them from food odors.


For heating pad therapy, warm up your Big and Little FishBellies in the microwave for 1-2 minutes, adding 30-second intervals as needed. Guppies only need 30 seconds! 

Only heat FishBellies in standard size microwaves WITH A TURNTABLE. This ensures that heat is distributed evenly, preventing damage or hot spots on your FishBellie. Be sure to FOLD THE TAIL UNDER YOUR FISHBELLIE as it heats up, so that the turntable can rotate freely. Do not put FishBellies in mini,

or college dorm microwaves.

Never leave your FishBellie in the microwave unattended. 

Be extra-careful the first time you heat up your FishBellie, as every microwave is a little different. We suggest massaging your FishBellie a bit halfway through heating to ensure that warmth

is distributed evenly.


Use Caution


FishBellies are great for kid boo-boos, but only for children ages 6 and up. FishBellies are not for babies! Adult supervision is always required.

Do not use FishBellies on numb body parts, as this can cause serious injury. 

Do not store in extreme heat or humidity,

as natural corn contents could spoil. 

DO NOT put FishBellies in the oven!

More detailed instructions are included with each order. 


Felix Big FishBellie Microwave Heating Pad

Filled with all-natural, extra-clean, kernel corn

Available in three

convenient sizes

Flexible shape

conforms to your body

Many fun colors and patterns to choose from!

Freeze and use on achy body parts

Microwave for soothing heat

FishBellies are handmade in Maine with 100% cotton and filled with extra-clean, kernel corn.

They become heating pads when microwaved or cold packs when stored in the freezer. FishBellies

are a stylish, functional solution for aches and pains. Choose from a variety of sizes, shapes

and patterns to find the perfect gift for a loved one—including yourself!

  • What sizes do FishBellies come in?
    Big FishBellies are 29” long and 7” wide. They weigh 3 pounds. Little Fishbellies are 19” long and 8” wide. They weigh 3 pounds. Guppies are 12” long and 5” wide. They weigh .5 pounds.
  • How long should I microwave FishBellies for?
    Microwave Big and Little FishBellies for 1-2 minutes, adding 30-second intervals as needed. Microwave Guppies for 30 seconds. Please see full instructions for use at
  • What are FishBellies filled with?
    FishBellies are filled with all-natural, extra-clean kernel corn with a large surface area for holding heat.
  • How do I wash my FishBellie?
    FishBellies are SPOT-CLEAN ONLY. Use a bit of warm water and dish detergent to gently rub out stains as needed. Take care not to get the corn too wet.
  • Can I put FishBellies in the dryer?
    Do not put your FishBellie in the washer or dryer. If it’s damp, you can set it in the sun for a few hours or use a blow dryer to help dry it out.
  • Can I put FishBellies in the oven?
    No! FishBellies can only be heated in the microwave, on a turntable. Be sure to fold the tail under the FishBellie’s body, so that it does not get stuck and stop the rotation.
  • What is your return/exchange policy?
    If you are not completely satisfied with your FishBellie, or any of our products, we will happily replace it or refund your money. Returns/exchanges must be made within 30 days of placing your order.
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