I’m Packing Some Heat! . . And Cold.

Packing for a vacation has gotten ridiculously complicated. A few short years ago, or so it seems, my list was pretty straightforward.

I’d be certain to include at least one eye catching pair of pumps, a couple of fun dresses, some evening attire and accessories that I thought would coordinate beautifully with all of the clothing I’d gathered. A bevy of swimwear with varying straps for tan line purposes was required. I’d include plenty of eye makeup, lipstick and a touch up nail polish just in case. Nothing to it.

Within the past several years my priorities have drastically shifted. Now I’m sure to include bandaids for the beach blisters that are undoubtedly coming my way and an ample supply of Advil for the headache that will come on full bore at some point on travel day.

Benadryl has become necessary for the random reaction to whatever plant is growing where I go and usually neosporin for the infection that unexpectedly ensues. I need comfortable shoes for walking. As well as a couple of pairs of reading glasses because awkwardly I somehow manage to lose or break one.

Dresses that won’t wrinkle and pants with no crease are a must. I need a bathing suit that looks halfway decent on me as well as a plethora of sunblock. I seem to attract that shining star now more than ever.

I pack a Fishbellie guppy that I can throw in the freezer or microwave in the event that an uniidentified bug bites and I blow up like a balloon or there is a fall from a Segway and a cold pack is needed. Both of these somewhat unusual occurrences have actually happened.

Without a doubt life has changed a bit but it is indeed good. After all, I’m still in the ring taking punches. Lucky for me, I pack a pretty good one myself!

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