Color Your World. . . It Can Be Enlightening

When I was younger…a lot younger…I would hurry and get ready to go somewhere and oftentimes be met with my mother's commentary on my chosen outfit. Thinking back on it, she really should’ve pulled the plug on even more of my selections than she did. I was a fan of those God-awful stretchy tube tops. They were glorified rubber bands. They demanded to be yanked up every few minutes. If you failed to do so, they’d be riding around your stomach in no time. I also perpetually wore leg warmers even when there was absolutely no need for warmth. My mother was unhappy with one thing in particular. "Oh honey don't wear that! You've got your whole life to wear black!" she’d say. For reasons unknown, my mother associated wearing the color black with a rite of passage for adulthood. So as I got older I kept waiting for this magical time when I would don black.  When it came, I must admit, I did just that. I wore a tremendous amount of black and probably too much of it.

At some point I started considering color. I started small. Colored glasses. Colored lipstick to kick up an outfit. Maybe even a brightly colored scarf. I also added lots of bright color to my home. Sometimes, given the inclement weather, my mood is actually lifted by it. If you haven’t already added rich hot color to your life I encourage a ‘splash’ of color. Gordo Jumbo Fish Pillows do the trick. They’re not just for comfort and relaxation although that is a delightful fringe benefit. Orange, red, blue, green, yellow, purple and pink are most definitely the new black.

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