The Thrill of Victory! . . The Agony of No Sleep!

As I watch the closing ceremonies of the 2018 Winter Olympics I am grateful it’s almost over. Don’t misunderstand me – I loved every minute (or most minutes) of it. I’m just so damn tired. I can only imagine how exhausted the actual competitors are!

For the past couple of weeks I’ve stayed up ridiculously late watching double corks, quadruple twists and lutzes, double twists, salchows, numerous goals,”rocks” being hurled towards the “house” targets being hit, great speed and a whole collection of tremendous challenges. And of course the dreaded falls! Some were so hard I swore I could almost feel them. I was tempted to check my own self for bruises. These amazing feats are not just fun to watch, they’ve got to be difficult to do. I’m the girl who breaks into a snowplow on the backside of an incline on a cross country ski trail. This stuff looks near impossible!

All of the personal relationships, the camaraderie, the overwhelming sense of unity and above all the profound love of country have not only inspired me but have helped these athletes to put their frustrating pasts behind them. Driven them to fight for redemption and glory.

John Shuster, the USA gold medalist in curling, was asked the reason for his tireless effort. He said ‘I just wanted to sing my national anthem and stand on the top of that podium at the Olympics’ . Pretty cool, isn’t it?

On this Sunday night, seated with and warmed by my Made in the USA red white and blue fishbellie (throw pillow @Nest) I applaud all of their efforts. Raise a glass to their achievements and celebrate being an American! My eyes may be burning, but my heart is full.

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