It’s the Reason for THIS Season

I’ve attended too many to count and have been in more than my share but there’s something special about each and every one. It’s officially wedding season and I can’t wait.

Young people embarking on the journey to matrimony, in the very best of ways, quite simply have no clue. I certainly didn’t. Before I got married my daddy took my soon to be husband and myself out for breakfast. He told us that at some point in time during the course of our marriage we would each want to ‘run like hell’. Needless to say this wasn’t exactly the well wishes I’d anticipated. My perfectly scrambled eggs that had looked pretty delicious moments ago lost their luster. I couldn’t have imagined how complicated married life could be. I’m not sure any first timer could.

My mother wore a stunning yet simple tea length, short sleeved dress when she married my father. For years I admired pictures of her in it and imagined I would someday wear it when and if my time came. Sadly that classic gown did not withstand the test of time. It mildewed. Truly. Literally rotted on the vine. I’m not even sure how this happens but the flowers my mother had insisted my bridesmaids carry, drowned. I don’t remember where these irreplaceable beauties were being flown in from. However, I vividly remember the day the florist called to deliver the news. Although I would have gladly carried a dandelion, my mother was disheartened. A few days prior to the big day the soloist we had scheduled fell ill. She called the house sounding sick as a dog and bailed. Fortunately she had found a replacement. Her father. I just had to hope he could carry a tune.

Thinking back on these insignificant pre nuptial disappointments I have to wonder if they were meant to happen. Gentle reminders that things don’t always turn out as planned. Getting hitched rarely goes without a hitch.

Regardless of wedding snafus, there is something beautiful about being asked to be in attendance and bear witness to a couples union. Recognition that we all have a tremendous capacity for love is the true gift of wedding season. And while we are on the subject of gifts, for weddings and showers in your future, I strongly recommend the ultimate comfort for nearly newlyweds. A Fishbellie is not just finely crafted and attractive, it will be sure to soothe those bumps and bruises along the way. Fishbellies make the perfect gift for Newlyweds!

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