If the Shoe Fits... Throw it Out?

Spent the better part of Sunday cleaning my closet, which led to cleaning a whole bunch of other things! I know, I know… "If you haven't worn it in two years you should get rid of it!" I’m struggling with that notion as I MAY have occasion to wear one of these "timeless" treasures someday soon but not in that two year window.

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The shoes I love and wear all the time should probably be tossed because quite frankly they are tired! …. But the shoes I'm not crazy about and don't wear much are in great shape. So If I'm following the golden rule of closet clean out I should really discard those great shape never worn kicks as well as those worn out favorites.

What I’m realizing is that if I'm totally honest with myself and play by the rules I’m liable to be running around barefoot! Reaching up to the top shelves, crawling on the floor to retrieve shoes buried in the corner,

hauling out bags for donation and elsewhere left me exhausted. The prospect of climbing into bed with my four- legged beauty and my heated and fully loaded fishbellies never appealed to me more! As comfortable as an old shoe!

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