Hitting the Hay can be a Hassle

Some days I crawl out of bed already looking forward to climbing back in. Insomnia issues. Fortunately, it’s not a nightly occurrence and really doesn’t happen very often. I’m not sure if I psych myself out or if it’s just not always in the stars for me to get a good night's sleep.

The perceived problems I have during the day become astronomically disastrous when night falls. I lie awake trying to remember if I sent that email, returned that call or ran that errand. I don’t dare turn my phone on to double check myself as Dr. Oz insists viewing the screen will make it darn near impossible for me to return to slumber. I read that a journal at my bedside would allow me to capture my brilliant wee-hour ideas. Sadly, the few times I’ve tried this, I’ve awakened to a pile of undefinable gibberish. Did I have too much caffeine during the day? Too much alcohol at night - or for that matter, maybe not enough? Regardless I am left to figure out a sleep strategy that might allow me to doze til dawn or at least for a short while.

Leaving the tv on never works for me. Reading a book until my eyes bug out of my head isn’t my bag either. More times than not, I wake up with a jolt from the noise or roll over on my glasses. I play musical pillows pretty regularly, attempting to find the perfect sleep mate. If my four-legged love isn’t already in the bed I strategically place her in the bed myself. Most people are probably working hard to keep their animals out. Oddly enough, I’m recruiting mine. Additional efforts include rolling over for optimum comfort, and tearing off ancillary layers of clothing.

I am lucky enough to have a beloved husband sleeping next to me. Awkwardly, however, he is oftentimes snoring outrageously. With his delightfully strong personality he comes on like a bit of a freight train during the day. More of a motorboat at night. Some say a pillow tucked under the wheezing ones back can alleviate the noise by helping to retain that side position. I prefer to fire up a Fishbellie. Lay it along the underside of the back. Why not provide additional relaxation for the one in the bed who is actually snoozing while curtailing his efforts to saw more logs? Win. Win.

Believe it or not there are fringe benefits to a bad nights sleep. Your eyes may be drooping but damn your hair is still looking good! Eat your heart out Sleeping Beauty. Nightmares are nonexistent. You have the rare opportunity to ensure that your outdoor safely light does indeed stay on all night as the packaging promised. You are not awakened by a pesky sounding alarm. And hearing that first bird chirp in the morning to start the new day never sounded so sweet. If a good night's sleep is not in the stars, you might as well get out of bed and at least try to reach for them.

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