Don't Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth. . . But You Might Want to Slam the Barn Door Shut.

For years I have gathered what I thought might be the "perfect gift" for a friend or family member and stashed these items in a closet. These quintessential treasures have sat in waiting for the occasion to arrive when I could gift them. Recently I went through my vast collection. As it turns out some of these things aren't exactly the right gift for whomever I had in mind when I purchased them. To be honest, some of this stuff isn't right for anyone. Okay, truthfully, I can't figure out where some of this crap even came from.

The infant Santa outfit was the best thing in there. I had a few different people in mind when I made the purchase. However, babies didn't come when the calendar said they might and years later this Christmas get-up in size 6-12 months doesn't make much sense. Random MacKenzie Childs cooking utensils were on the list of useful things in the closet. I'm not sure how I feel about the mens’ swimsuit that fits no one or the attractive dishes with various cities celebrated on each. Not only do I not know anyone who lives in any of these cities, I don't even know anyone who is planning to visit any of these cities. The stack of five year journals and the ribbon bracelets had me reasonably confused, but it was the collection of colored felt that I found most baffling. How exactly did that land in the gift closet and who was going to be the lucky recipient? If a loved one had an emergency crafting crisis clearly I could sweep in and save the day. After careful examination of my stockpile I realized there was not much in there that could be salvaged.

When I make a mistake or do something that turns out to be pretty ridiculous my daughter has a charming way of helping me to own it – a way to let it go. She simply says “lesson learned.” I'm feeling "lesson learned" is in order with regards to my bumbled gift closet pile.

From now on I am just going to have a variety of Fishbellies in my more-appropriately titled gift drawer. Although Fishbellies can be used in many everyday situations, they are especially helpful when a friend or family member is in need. They are soothing when heat or cold is necessary and also sure to make anyone smile. Truly the perfect gift. Not to mention, Fishbellies are one size fits all!

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