We ship USPS Priority Mail Regional and Flat Rate depending on your zip code. Fishbellies usually ship within 3-4 business days but

may take a wee big longer in December!


Fishbellies fish-shaped, microwavable corn bags

are made with 100% Cotton colorful fabrics and filled with extra

clean corn. Corn has a larger surface area to hold the heat longer. Now hand made in New York & Maine, these stylish and functional corn pillows can be stored in the freezer and used as a cold pack or microwaved and used as a cute heating pad. Choose from a variety of sizes, shapes, and patterns to find

the perfect get-well gift, or order a heat bag for pain that

matches your personality.


- Credit / Debit Cards



Frequently asked questions

Can I throw my Fishbellie in the washing machine?

Fishbellies are spot clean only with a little dish soap and warm water. Do not put your fish into the washer or dryer due to the corn contents.

Can I put my Fishbellie in the oven?

It is tempting, but absolutely not! Fishbellies can only be heated in the microwave on a turntable. Be sure to fold the fishtail under the fish so it does not get stuck on the walls of the microwave, stopping the rotation.

What are Fishbellies filled with?

Fishbellies are filled with all natural, extra clean feed corn. Corn has a large surface area to hold heat longer.

How long should I microwave my fishbellie?

Please see full instructions for use at