I’ve attended too many to count and have been in more than my share but there’s something special about each and every one. It’s officially wedding season and I can’t wait.

Young people embarking on the journey to matrimony, in the very best of ways, quite simply have n...

Some days I crawl out of bed already looking forward to climbing back in. Insomnia issues.  Fortunately, it’s not a nightly occurrence and really doesn’t happen very often.  I’m not sure if I psych myself out or if it’s just not always in the stars for me to get a good...

For years I have gathered what I thought might be the "perfect gift" for a friend or family member and stashed these items in a closet. These quintessential treasures have sat in waiting for the occasion to arrive when I could gift them. Recently I went through my vast...

One time years ago, on a flight to California, I was mistaken for Chris Evert the tennis star. I am a positively horrible tennis player, but I happened to be traveling with a racket. The racket was pretty crappy and I had managed to warp the hell out of it over time. F...

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